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สูตรอาหารต้านมะเร็ง "ผัดดอกกระหล่ำกับมันฝรั่ง" - Anti-cancer food tomato stir-fries flowers

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สูตรอาหารต้านมะเร็ง "ผัดดอกกระหล่ำกับมันฝรั่ง"
Anti-cancer food tomato stir-fries flowers

Today is to bring you the menu is cooking tomato anti-cancer, because the efficacy of tomato has indication, promote the secretion has qingrejiedu, feed, cool blood, blood, blood flat with stomachic effect. Especially low immunity of cancer or disease

People often are tomatoes or the benefits of kelp.

Anti-cancer food tomato stir-fries flowers

The following are the ingredients and cooking tomato flowers made detailed process:


Cauliflower, tomatoes

Peas, tomato sauce


Soya, water, sugar, salt, water starch

Production steps:

1 will remove bottom leaves, cauliflower sword cut into mouthful size, put in the pale salt soak for 10 minutes after rinse. Set aside. Wash tomatoes stalks into large pieces. Wash the pea pea, (e.g. by freezing to half an hour earlier in the refrigerator, put out at thaw).

2 in the water, fire into the soup pot boil, add cauliflower, with 2 minutes, Chao fires in Chao peas 1 minute, with iron were will remove and pea cauliflower drain water.

3 in oil, fry pan into the fire, into oil heating heat, in July, cauliflower and tomatoes, after a few fry pea add tomato sauce, with shovel quick stir fry.

4. Pour into water, add sugar and sauce, salt, mix, change of fire and cook for about 2 minutes, see each tomatoes are introduced into the melting into the water and fire, the starch clockwise (or counterclockwise circle, tick off gorgon euryale direction.

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